NAME OF CLIENT: Rehgan De Mather

Package Chosen: Artist Profile

Rehgan De Mather’s paintings replicate the traces of industry, and the cryptograms of graffiti, on walls of contemporary spaces. They flash with comic book exclamations, bleed with paint scrawled behind alleyways, and are seared by an essence of New York grit.


Package Chosen: Artist Profile

Jessie Ray is a prolific art maker and uses mixed media to develop collections of works, centring around the human figure, the cosmos, the sky, and monochromacy.

NAME OF CLIENT: Bo Kitty – Reality Check

Package Chosen: Creative Business Profile

Reality Check is holistic business coaching motivated by radical honesty and integrity.

NAME OF CLIENT: Eclectica Performance Art

Package Chosen: Showreel

Eclectica – Formally known as Cosmica, Eclectica are an ensemble of talented women who are passionate about showcase performances that reflect beauty, divinity, emotion, transformation and enlightenment. Bringing in the ancient art of ritual and ceremony to create not just a performance, but a transformational experience.


Interlude can provide imagery that is fresh and inviting. Made by creatives for creatives.
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